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1/13/2017 2:49:00 AM - 12/31/2017 2:49:00 AM

2017 Club Event Calendar

 Maury County Gun Club

2017 Scheduled events (Updated 03/02/2017)


 ATA registered Shoots (Don Kerce) May 27, June 10, July 29, Sep 09, Oct 28
 High power rifle shoots First Saturday of each month
 Club pistol shootsThird Saturday of each month
 Thursday night Trap LeagueSpring Apr 06-Jun 15 Fall Aug 3-Oct 05
 4-H trainingJan 21 (two fields)
 Two Gun Jungle walkJan 21 (Pistol range) 8:30 am
 Club membership meetingFeb 06 (7:00 pm)
 Two Gun Jungle walkFeb 18 (Pistol range) 8:30 am
 SCTP Trap ShootFeb 25 all fields (9:00 am)
 High Power Rifle match (Club shoot)Mar 04 (Rifle range) 9:00 am
 Club membership meetingMar 06 (7:00 pm) Clubhouse
 Club Pistol ShootMar 18 (Pistol range) 8:30 am
 SCTP Skeet ShootMar 25 (all fields) 9:00 am
 High Power Rifle match (NRA)Apr 01 (Rifle range) 9:00 am
 Club membership meetingApr 03  (7:00 pm) Clubhouse
 Thursday night Spring Trap league startsApr 06 (4:00 pm) for ten weeks
 Junior Olympics Trap & Skeet warm-upApr 14 (9:00 am) all fields
 Junior Olympics Warm-up ShootApr 15 (9:00 am) all fields
 Pistol Shoot (Club)Apr 15 (Pistol range) 8:30 am
 Junior Olympics International Skeet ShootApr 28-30 train on Friday match Sat & Sun
 Club membership meetingMay 01 (7:00 pm) Clubhouse
 Mitch Loveless Trap ClinicMay 06 (9:00 am) one field
 High Power Rifle match (NRA)May 06 (Rifle range) 9:00 am
 TSSA Skeet shoot (Claude Mays)May 13 (all fields) 9:00 am
 Breast Cancer FundraiserMay 20 (all fields) 9:00 am
 Pistol shoot (Club)May 20 (Pistol range) 8:30 am
 ATA Trap ShootMay 27 (all fields) 9:00 am
 High Power Rifle match (NRA)Jun 03 (Rifle range) 9:00 am
 Club Membership meetingJun 05 (7:00 pm) Clubhouse
 ATA Trap shootJun 10 (all fields) 9:00 am
 Pistol shoot (Club)Jun 17 (Pistol range) 8:30 am
 Spring Trap League BanquetJun 29 Clubhouse 6:30 pm
 High Power Rifle match (NRA)Jul 01 (Rifle range) 9:00 am
 Club Membership meetingJul 03 CANCELED
 Pistol shoot (club)Jul 15 (Pistol range) 8:30 am
 ATA Trap shootJul 22 (all fields) 9:00 am
 Thursday Night Trap LeagueAug 03  Fall (4:00 pm) for ten weeks
 High Power Rifle match (NRA)Aug 05 (Rifle range) 9:00 am
 Club Membership meetingAug 07 Clubhouse 7:00 pm
 TSSA TN State Skeet ShootAug 18-20 (all fields) 9:00 am each day
 Pistol shoot (Club)Aug 19 (Pistol range) 8:30 am
 High Power Rifle match (NRA)Sep 02 (Rifle range) 9:00 am
 Club Membership meetingSep 04 Cancelled due to Labor Day
 ATA Trap ShootSep 09 (all fields) 9:00 am
 Pistol shoot (Club)Sep 16 (Pistol range) 8:30 am

Mitch Loveless Trap clinic

Club Membership meeting

Sep 30 Trap side

Oct 02 Clubhouse 7:00 am

 High Power Rifle match (NRA)Oct 07 (Rifle range) 9:00 am
 4-H InvitationalOct 14 (all fields)
 Pistol Shoot (Club)Oct 21 (Pistol range) 8:30 am
 Fall Trap League BanquetOct 19 Clubhouse 6:30 pm
 ATA Trap ShootOct 28 (all fields) 9:00 am
 M1 Garand High Power Rifle matchNov 04 (Rifle range) 9:00 am
 Club Membership meetingNov 06 Clubhouse 7:00 pm
 Pistol shoot (club)Nov 18 (Pistol range) 8:30 am
 Club Membership meetingDec 04 Clubhouse 7:00 pm
 Christmas PartyDec 08 Clubhouse 6:30 pm
 Two Gun Jungle walkDec 16 (Pistol range) 8:30 am


10/21/2017 11:00:00 AM - 10/21/2017 6:30:00 PM

Range Officer Appreciation Day

Range Officer Appreciation Day will be Saturday Oct 21.  It's a great time for Rifle, Pistol, Sporting Clays,  Skeet and Trap Range Officers to get together and share a meal and shoot all the clay targets their shoulders can stand.  Come about 11:00 am, bring all the shotgun shells you can get in your vehicle.  The meal and targets are on the club.

10/21/2017 4:00:00 PM - 10/21/2017 10:00:00 PM

October Night Pistol Shoot


Night Pistol shoot!!  The last "night pistol shoot" was so much fun that we are doing it again.  Saturday October 21 will be the date.  Shawn Berryhill and Mike Parris ask that you show up at 4:00 pm to help set up the course, shooting will commence at 6:00 pm. Bring your pistol a flashlight and all the ammo you can carry.  Unfortunately MCGC has an agreement with our neighbors and the Maury County Sheriff's department that we will cease all shooting by 10:00 pm.  That's the reason for the early start.

10/26/2017 6:30:00 PM - 10/26/2017 10:00:00 PM

Fall Trap League Banquet

The league Banquet will be held Thursday October 26 starting at 6:30 pm in the clubhouse.  Please dress for Halloween and bring a covered dish to share.  I love this banquet, lots to eat and we get to see who won all the trophies.